Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chihuahua Update

Latest exerpt from Lauren Scheller's blog...

Friday, March 27, 2009
We get to race tomorrow!
Copper Canyon, here we come!
Dad, Tom Dragoun and John Gregory found the magic touch to get the brake situation fixed so tomorrow we race!!! Dad is VERY relieved and I'm excited to get on the road. Tomorrow's course is to Copper Canyon, a long day but will be a beautiful drive.
Many cars had problems today, several engines blown up, one car-to-road-sign-encounter, one "fuel issue" aka ran out of gas, a battery connection problem. I don't know many details, some of those racers will be back on the road tomorrow after getting differents parts and fixes. Sadly, our good friends John and Chrislana Gregory from Vancouver blew a rod in their engine of their Studebaker and are loaded and ready to leave in the morning. :( On the positive side, all of the teams have been very supportive to each other. I am again taken back at the comraderie and encouragement between racers, teams and support people.
Ok, got to go study the route book for tomorrow and make sure I take note of those 4 and 5 turns!

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