Monday, March 30, 2009

Chihuahua Express Update

I intend to write more about this amazing gal but in the mean time here is the latest excerpt from Lauren Scheller's blog...

Monday, March 30, 2009
Sunday's Racing
I now understand this addiction. This last day of racing was FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!

The Victoria ran like the champ that she is. This third and last day of racing took us to the east of Chihuahua to Ojinaga; 4 velocity sections out and 4 back toward Chihuahua. This part of the state is high desert, very brittle environment, but with it's own unique beauty.

The car was great (until the last transit, LOL) and the velocity sections were so much fun to drive. Lots of 3s and 4s, some 5s and some long straights to haul ass. Dad did a great job driving and we found a great rhythm all day. There was a really fun, LONG section where we caught up to and passed the car in front of us. What a rush!!!

Then on the last long transit back to Chihuahua we developed a leak in a break line resulting in very little braking power but not enough to deter us from carrying on to the race track. We had to do 8 laps around a new track and we just cruised around, not pushing the car hard because of our brake situation. However, it was still an awesome day of racing!

Last night the awards ceremony was at the beautiful Governor's Palace downtown. Drum roll please...we got 2nd in our class!!! LOL There were only 3 cars in our Original Pan Am Class. The Gregorys and their Studebaker were out the first day with engine problems; we only ran a day and a half; but Brad and Derek in the beautiful yellow Lincoln were consistent and stayed in it, earning the top spot in Original Pan Am.

But now that I've experience this race, I truly believe that anyone whose car is still in one piece, has some hair left, can still see straight and has a smile on their face should all get recognition for surviving this great adventure!

We left Chihuahua early this morning to drive back to the border and were through by noon. Got the cars loaded and we're on our way home. Good thing it was easier to get back into the states than it was to leave! Now about 1000 miles go home :)

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