Monday, May 26, 2008

Get'em While There Hot

If you are looking for a La Carrera Panamericana race car boy are you in luck. There just happen TWO Corvettes for sale both of which have been put to the grueling test of the La Carrera Panamericana.

Now this first one is what we might call a "lightweight" model and it will require a little fixing up as it was put through a little more grueling testing than the other one. One thing I can guarantee is that nothing on it can catch on fire. On the other hand I am sure the owner will be willing to come down on his price. In the first photo you can see the car doing a burnout.

The next car was driven by Bill Shanahan and co-piloto Smith Murray. Bill is a non-executive director of MSD Ignition and was formerly chief operating officer and then president of The Colgate-Palmolive Company. Needless to say this car was built with all the right stuff. Bill and Smith were both hard charging competitors and lots of fun to race against. On the final day Bill told me he was going to sell his Corvette and build a Monte Carlo Falcon. Being a Ford buy myself I must say I think his taste has improved. For more information on Bill's Vette which has a starting bid of $150,000.00 on EBAY CLICK HERE. Also included are two new front fenders.


Paul said...

I see that the body-off restoration has already begun. But that drive through the chicken coop dented that rear wheel ...

Francisco Ortiz said...

What about the grille?