Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chihuahua Update

Well as expected a lot of the unexpected. There have been a lot of changes since yesterday. On a side note Gerie Bledsoe is having a very consistyent run and I hope he keeps it up. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for him. The results can be seen at the bottom of this post but first here is an excerpt and photos from Lauren's wonderful blog....

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Saturday's Racing
Yesterday was a long racing day, lots of ground to cover and lots of speed sections. The mechanical gremlins plagued us again today, sidelining us for and hour and a half in the morning's transit section. Fortunately, if we were going to break down anywhere all day, this was the place to do it. Again a brake related problem, left front caliper this time. But with the help of the very talented Mazda crew and Tom, we were on our way to catch up with the rest of the race.

We were too far behind to do any of the speed sections on the way to Copper Canyon, but it was a great practice time for me to still make the calls for the speed sections as we blew through them. And we caught up! There was just enough time to grab a sandwich, take in the breathtaking views of Copper Canyon (just for a second), take a picture and get right back in the car to join the race on the way back down.

WHAT A THRILL! The speed sections through the beautiful landscape were so much fun. Dad is an excellent driver and we did very respectable after having our issues. The Victoria ran great. The country that was drove through was very agricultural, lots of cattle, farming and apple orchards. Very beautiful.

Today takes us to the east to Ojinaga, ending up on a race track back here in Chihuahua. Should be a fun day!

For those of you DEMANDING pictures.

Friday morning at El Centro for the opening of the race.

The cars getting ready to leave to head out the first speed section, Pancho Villa statue in the middle.

Dad and me at Divisadero, the lookout at Copper Canyon.

After all of the speed sections, transiting back to Chihuahua in the afternoon. Beautiful!

1 66 Ricardo Triviño Marco Hernández Mex

2 137 Steve Waldman Felipe Argüelles USA / Mex

3 99 José Solana Mex / Mex

4 70 John Magnuson David Magnuson USA / USA

5 308 Mike Feezor Gary Hart USA

6 327 Chip Fudge J. Taylor Fudge USA

7 9 Gerie Bledsoe Fernando Garcia USA / USA

8 365 Wilhelm Ostrop Alex Ostrop Ger / Ger

9 390 Michael Sharp /LeCarner Jon LeCarner/Sharp USA / USA

10 63 Jake Shuttlesworth Tony Bogovich USA / USA

11 360 Helge Nyland Chris Cochrane USA / USA

12 122 Gabriel Pérez Horacio Chousal Mex / Mex

13 15 Francisco Peréa Víctor Pérez Mex / Mex

14 11 Eduardo López Márquez Luis Angel de la Brena Mex / Mex

15 77 José Antonio Calderón Mario Domenzain Mex / Mex

16 24 Frank Bushman Matthew Row USA/USA

17 21 Carlos Azcarate Manuel Lombera Mex / Mex

18 31 Rodrigo González Nanan Solana Mex / Mex

19 33 Frank Mckinnon John Putnam USA / USA

20 30 Bob Mitchell John Lyons USA / USA

21 133 Doug Mockett Angélica Fuentes USA / Mex

22 370 Marc Devis José Luis Caparros Bel

23 110 Stig Blomqvist Ana Goñi Swe / Ven

24 109 Francisco Márquez Araceli Ramírez Mex / Mex

25 32 Eduardo Henkel Sergio Puente Mex / Mex

26 12 Ralph Carungi Bill Richtert USA / USA

27 311 Gunter Sundag Barbara Hernandez USA / USA

28 43 Carson Scheller Lauren Scheller USA / USA

29 404 Brad Kaplan Derek Dwyer USA / USA

30 14 Lars Stugemo Jonny Olofsson Swe / Swe

31 203 Chris Sayler USA Chevy 32 425 John Gregory Chrislana Gregory Can / Can

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