Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Word... Consistency.

Today was spent relaxing and wondering how our friends are doing down in Mexico, watching Jeff Gordon maintain his lead and topping it of by watching Tiger Woods make a 16 foot clutch putt to win the 2009 Arnold Palmer Invitational which was an amazing replay how he won it the last time he competed there. Woods sunk a dramatic 16 foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole which was only the seventh on the 18th hole all day to win at Bay Hill for a second year in a row. And he did it in the disappearing light, flasbulbs popping in the Orlando dusk as he gave us another one of those Tiger moments and Tiger fist pumps.

The win gives Woods a six-pack of victories at Arnie's place and it also matches the largest final-round comeback of his career, a five shot deficit that was erased by one miraculous shot after another. It's also his first victory since last June when he won the U.S. Open over Rocco Mediate in a dramatic sudden-death playoff after enduring an 18-hole playoff. You just can't doubt Woods. Not here. Not anywhere.

You are probably asking what this all has to do with racing... Besides the fact that I enjoyed a full day of excitement and relaxation in the comfort of my own home it's important to realize a lesson from all this. Champions become champions not by doing something extraordinary but rather but simply being consistent. I have said it a thousand times before... If you want to be exceptional at anything then work at being consistent. Consistency is the key to success whether it be sports, business, health or anything else that life dishes out.

Any good endurance racer will tell you the same thing... You don't have to win every race, simply train and prepare to be consistent and you will win most of what you compete in.

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mjb said...

I like your thought process!