Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Was It Good For You?

Whats the ultimate finish to winning your class in La Carrera Panamericana?

Its a well known tradition that when you're finished doing something exciting that really gets your juices flowing there's only one thing left to do and that's enjoy a great cigar. And there's not many things that can get your juices flowing more than La Carrera Panamericana let alone winning your class (again) as Carson Scheller would know.

Is this a cool photo or what!


carson said...

Where in da world do you find these photos ?? That cigar was given to me by Nate in Zacatecas ,Nate is co-piloto for Richard who is Washington's finest apple farmer, (see next blog)notice that Nate is also a smoker ,but in real life he is a crop duster , imagine that.

Gary Faules said...

Flying low in a crop duster or flying low in La Carrera Panamericana, same difference. Both require a good cigar afterwards.

My father was a bush pilot in Candada in his adventurous day.

carson said...

like father..
like son..
ole Mexican saying

stmon said...

I forgot what a handsome man Mr. Scheller is, looking forward to seeing him and his lovely daughter in less than two weeks!