Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Always The Gentleman

I am always proud to be associated with such fine gentleman as there are to be found in racing and one such person that stands out is none other than Lars Stugemo. Not only is Lars an awesome driver but he has a personality to match. Always ready to go a little beyond the ragged edge and equally as willing to bend over backwards to help another racer regardless of what bad cards he may have been dealt.

Lars wrote today with a little insight as to what happened during last weekends mishap but what I take from all this is the no-excuse attitude accompanied along with a great attitude as well. I always have a great admiration for someone who sees the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Lars wrote...

Thanx Gary - and yes it keeps happening - but I guess that´s racing...

This was a brand new engine De Luxe - just popped on SS5 after the long straights. How boring is that...

Then the tow car broke down so no time to fix it when the car came down 03:30. Otherwise our crew would have given it a shot for sure. They are great!

And, maybe on a slightly more negative side: There was actually a car transporter for a fellow competitor who stopped, but we sensed they weren´t really able to go the distance for the small extra and take the car. Probably a misjudgement only.. And, of course we thought we could fix it ourselves :=)

Anyway. The weather was good - keep up the good work with the blog it´s always great to get some news.

All the best - Lars :=)

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