Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ya Can't Get In and Ya Can't Get Out

Photo courtesy of Laruen Scheller.

I'm talking about teams trying to get their cars and teams across the border and into Mexico. I can remember last year when some teams spending an entire day attempting to get their cars across the border and in the end had to leave both their trailers and tow rigs and drive their race cars to the hotel in Chihuahua.

Once again it seems not much has changed this year. Lauren Scheller reports on her blog that even with the help of a professional customs broker whom was supposed to help get Tom's big car hauler loaded with Lauren and Carson Scheller's and some other race cars painlessly across the border but still they have been sitting there over 5 hours. After a long two day haul to get there end then end up so close you can taste it, must be very frustrating to say the least. I saw next time we just start a convoy and get a big run at it and go like hell, run the routes and then head on home.

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