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How about a "Carrera Corral" at Dream Machines in Half Moon Bay airport on Sunday, April 26?

Here is the web site for the event:

As most of you from the Bay Area know, this is probably the largest show in the country of any machine that can drive, fly, plow, or saw wood.

One year they had a flight of P-51 Mustangs that strafed the airport, plus B-17 rides.

It would be great to put our Carrera cars or other machines together under the Carrera banner, catch up, and see some of the fine machinery that comes to this show. It is all very informal. There is no judging, and food is available, of course.

For those of you who do not know the Half Moon Bay area, it is a wonderful stretch of California coastline, which includes long sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. We are 30 miles south of the city of San Francisco, and about 30 minutes from the San Francisco International Airport.

We have a Ritz Carleton with a great golf course (LPGA quality at least), and the usual assortment of hotels and restaurants along the beach from Pacifica down to Santa Cruz. The famous surf break, Maverick's, and Pillar Point Harbor are short walk from the airfield.

Dream Machines is a fundraiser for the Coastside Senior Center. You pay a modest fee to enter your car, plane, bike, or whatever, and get two tickets to the show. There is a deadline for entering your machine. The rub is -- our cars must be at the airport early on Sunday morning, otherwise we park in the parking lot with the 100,000 spectators.

After we drop our cars or bikes off, we can have brunch somewhere with that special someone and then return later for the show. She can check out the machines or the boutiques in HMB.

I live about 4 miles south of the airport and have parking on the street for anyone towing a trailer queen to the show. There is also a High Performance Driving Event at Sears Point (Infineon Raceway) that weekend (, and I will be there on Saturday, if anyone wants to test their car or get some driving instruction before they show it on Sunday. Lots of options!

Any interest out there? Please let me know: yeah, nay, or maybe.



Here are a few photos from previous Dream Machine shows.

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