Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Taken Back

It's been two years since we ran the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana which at times seems like an eternity ago and then again it seems like only yesterday but no matter how long it's been every time I see a new photo I get as excited as the day it was taken. Recently I got to visit with Ernie Harris and Richard Row at the San Francisco Fiesta. Ernie and Richard were piloto and C-piloto of the #377 Chevy which ran with us in Historica C class.

When Ernie mentioned he had taken some photos of us with our car I couldn't wait to see them and sure as heck he remembered to send them. Believe me, I have seen my car, us guys and the many different places they were taken more than you could imagine but every single one of them brings a huge smile to my face.

Thanks Ernie for taking me back to what was an amazing day.

One thing I noticed interesting in these 2 photos is anyone who was there could tell you they must have been taken just as we were about ready to leave because from the moment we arrived there the streets were so packed for an hour or so with race fans you could not turn around yet in these photos the streets were almost empty in comparison.

To give you an idea here are a few photos taken 30 minutes eairler.

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