Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Chihuahua News

At about 6:am today Lauren Sheller reported that they were about an hour away from Chihuahua. Keep in mind their car was loaded on Toms big rig along with several other cars which were also supposed to be at the same event. There was such a mess at the border that none of them were allowed across and they not only were they held up for an entire day but they had to get a hotel for the night and spend another entire day waiting to get across. But wait... it gets worse. Tom's big rig was not allowed across the border just like I wrote in yesterdays report and so teams had to take their cars off the truck and cram everything they could get into the race cars and then drive them to the hotel from there. That means all their personal belongings, spare parts, tools and supplies as well as the drivers and crew all had to be in the race car. Heaven forbid they need to tow home.

I hope the fact that they missed the entire first day will not effect them as far as the race is concerned. When we ran La Carrera Panamericana we were given the option of whether or not we wanted to take part in qualifying so hopefully this organization will do the same thing.

I would hope the organizers of this event will take some drastic measures for future events to ensure teams are not held up like this at future events. It seems they should have already been prepared since this has happened at prior events. All I can say is shame on them.

LATE EDIT: Dyana Marlett wrote... "Good news! Our friends got their cars across the border and arrived @ the hotel t'night! Got trapped in the political fighting between the US and Mex truck drivers...Stig gridded first, the Mex dudes second, Mockett third and Lars 6th....things will sort themselves out manana for sure!"

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