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Wanna See Our Pictures On The Cover Of The Rolling Stones

LA CARRERA PANAMERICANA "THE WORLD'S GREATEST ROAD RACE!" a book I have just finished reviewing is surprisingly one of the best La Carrera Panamericana books to be found.

While you may not find your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stones I can guarantee you will find something in this magnificent work of art that will make your blood pressure rise and even if you don't buy five copies for your mother you most certainly will want to have this one for your own coffee table.

Author Johnny Tipler isn't just another race junkie who thinks he's a writer but in fact he has a BA in History of Art and is an international motoring journalist and author, with over 30 books published on a variety of sports oriented subjects. Anyone who is familiar with my love affair and fascination of La Carrera Panamericana knows that not only have I competed but in fact I have read anything and everything having anything to do with La Carrera Panamericana, old and new. Without a doubt Johnny Tipler has done an extraordinary job of capturing the true essence of what this historical event is all about leaving nothing to the imagination. And just wait until you begin opening the pages as specially commissioned photographs by friend Rebecca Olausson will whisk you away to Mexico where you will feel as if you are standing amongst the non-stop excitement.

Tipler's book begins with the forward written by my good friend and fellow competitor Jo Ramierz in which he tells about his fascination and dreams of this race since he was a teen. The forward it's self offers a good look into what draws so many to the adventure of a lifetime.

The problem with this book simply is there are so many good things to say about it that it makes it difficult to describe how good it is. For those who enjoy the history of how it all began, the first half has it all. Awesome photos, exceptional interviews and surprisingly enough, not just more of the same old stories and photos seen in every other attempt to write about La Carrera Panamericana. It's fresh and very well written.

The second half of the book just blew me away. The hair literally stood up on the back of my neck and goosebumps rose as I saw so many familiar cars and friends who have competed in this race with and before me. There is a very good probability that if you have been involved with this race that you too will find yourself within it's pages. There are lots of exceptional photos taken during the 2006 and 2007 La Carrera Panamericana.

If you enjoy racing or anything to do with respect to the true spirit of La Carrera Panamericana, then this is a must have.

La Carrera Panamericana "The World's Greatest Road Race!"
By Johnny Tipler
Veloce Publishing
ISBN 978-1-84584-170-6
$89.95 USA

Veloce books are stocked by or can be ordered from bookshops and specialist mail order companies but can also be ordered directly from Veloce. (credit cards accepted)

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