Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mustang Sally, You Better Slow That Mustang Down

Judging from the looks of a lot of Mustangs in this year's race I wish I have bought stock in replacement parts. It appears there was a lot more crashing going on than just the stock market.

#351 Historic C Class Pilot Eugen Viehof (Nordrhein-Westfalen) Co-pilot Dennis DeLaughter (USA)

#353 Historic C Class Pilot Hans Crhistian Zink (Germany) Co-pilot Joern Kurzrok (Czeck Republic)

A little known fact with regard to Hans Zink is that Hans Christian Zink is the CEO & Chairman of Hertz Rent a Car in the Czech Republic. Hans has been a motor sport enthusiast and noted race car driver for many years and is one of the founding members of an orginizaton who started a charity called C4C which he got involved with 10 years ago. To learn more about C4C and how this charity helps children visit their website at

As it turns out, C4C Founder and current chairman, Manfred Franke, was in Mexico and followed us during the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana.

Hans drove his specially prepared 1965 Ford Mustang #353 in this years race. I tread an interview with Hans that was written prior to arriving in Mexico and it said, "He hopes to give the rally old timers what he calls: “a good run for their money”!"
Judging by the photo it looks like the old timers gave Hans the run for his money. The #353 finished 35th overall and 7th in class. I'm still wondering why he didn't run a 66 Hertz Rent A Car?

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