Monday, November 03, 2008

Some Photos Just Don't Due Them Justice

Ever notice how some photos taken in a different light can drastically affect the overall mood of the photo? Well, then have you ever noticed how the angle from with the same subject is shot can also give an entirely different feeling, sensation or mood? A good example might be if you have ever seen a movie set where a movie has been shot. From one angle you see the actors, the horses, the saloon and so on but from a different angle you see the back side of the lot set including the unfinished movie prop thus taking away the realism of the whole mood.

Anyone having read my blog over the last week or so have probably seen the following photo taken by the photographers at Go Fast Energy Drinks.

This is a photo of the #263 Volvo piloted by my good friends Tom Boes and George Sullivan after taking what some might call "The Scenic Route". As you can see, it appears they are only about 30 or 40 feet off the road in some tall grass. I remember as soon as I saw this photo that I quickly fired off an email to them telling them it doesn't look all that bad so I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to get right back on the road. After all, it looks like a safe place to go off from what I can see.

But then today our good friend Francisco Ortiz sent me a picture he took of the same car in the same spot except this photos was taken from just a little different angle thus giving the viewer a different perception. More like HOLY CRAP! Look at the size of that cliff they narrowly missed going over by only a few feet!!! What appeared to be only 30 feet in the other feet is more like a several hundred feet of sheer cliff. Now I can figure out why the guys in the tow rig made the two of them ride in the car on the back of the tow rig. After a ride like that there had to be some stained shorts and I bet the car was fine but the clean up is probably what took the rest of he day.

If it's sensation and realizim you want just take a look at THIS photo!!!!


Here's a video reinacting Team Dover Brother's last words before going over the cliff...


George Sullivan said...

We lost the radaitor, oil cooler and blade fan and cracked the A-arm all were repaired and we were back where we left the road was all tall grass and we stoped on a rather large rock which did all the damage. The last day we lost the electric fan and just made it to Nuevo Laredo running hot. As Tom said as we went off the road "SH*T" my reply was "No thanks I just did"

Gary Faules said...

STOP IT! You're kilin me here. No wait... that was what you said. LOL.

Francisco Ortiz said...