Sunday, November 23, 2008

Speaking Of Studebaker Stories...

Speaking of Studebakers one of my favorite articles which I read several years ago simply has got to be one of the all-time great La Carrera Panamericana tales. While it's far from verbatim it goes something like this... During the 2005 La Carrera Panamericana the colorful Rusty Ward running in a 1965 Studebaker had gone off road taking out part of a bridge in the process, something Rusty has down to to somewhat of a science. Even while doing so the damage was repairable largely due to the fact there were so many Studebakers sitting around in Mexican wrecking yards which was one of the reasons they were so popular in Mexico in the first place. While working on the car they noticed the wheels had been badly bent. Thinking they had things under control and even after the crew and several local mechanics had stayed up all night getting the car ready before the next mornings start the last problem they encountered were the special 16 inch wheels used on this particular Studebaker where considerably wider and taller than the original factory steel wheels and after an exhausting search they could not find replacements.

This photo was taken during a transit stage in 2007 as Rusty and I just had a good time cruising along side by side playing tag with each other.

Thinking they were done for the piloto and co-piloto sat in a local bar drinking their sorrows away when all of a sudden the crew bust into the bar yelling and telling them to get suited up. When they asked why all the rush the crew began telling them they had figured out that the bolt pattern on their car was the very same as late model Ford Crown Vic wheels. Naturally the next question from the piloto was, "Where are we going to find some Crown Vic wheels?" Then one of the crew yelled, "LOOK!" as he pointed to a Federally with a huge smile standing in the doorway waving four crisp one hundred dollar bills. It seems the cars driven by the Federally's that years just happen to be... You guessed it. Crown Vics.

This story is like a fine wine. It get's better every time I tell it. Thank God for the Federallys and all their support.


Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

Curious story. Now I wonder, what happened to the policeman after his superior found out about a patrol car without wheels?? I think that they are not supposed to do that, as the car is not of their property. Any thing can happen in Mexico!!! I never stopd getting surprised about the things that happen in my country.

Gary Faules said...

Oh I'm sure they put them back after the race. LOL.