Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update On Sol Shine Alternatives Mercedes Team

During La Carrera Panamericana some teams seem to have luck on their side while others seem to have left it someplace. One such team is Sol Shine Alternatives car # 278 who has had anything but luck. Even though they are still not back home their bad luck seems to have continued to accompany them on their journey. It goes something like this...

Leave Connecticut.

On the way to Tennessee truck begins to have fuel problems when temps drop below 50 degrees.

Outside of Houston had to change flat in the rain.

Day before crossing border brake line breaks and dealer has to fabricate one.

Every one waved thru at border except them because of enclosed trailer. Left behind.

Stopped two times within first 15 minutes on highway. After greasing some palms again were on their way.

30 miles into Mexico they were told they had to return to border and dump their bio-diesel. After some fast talking and more palm greasing with t-shirts and a chewing out again back on road.

During qualification notice hesitation.

While driving over unfinished bridge damaged shift linkage. Had to finish section with no clutch.

Fuel filter clogged in race car.

Service rig breaks down and has to be towed to Oaxaca.

After truck is repaired and leaving Oaxaca it breaks down again and has to be towed back to Oaxaca.

Stuck and left behind in Oaxaca for five days while dealer works on service truck.

During 24 hours drive after finally leaving Oaxaca have another flat tire.

Next stop is Boulder, CO, Jackson, WY, Chicago, IL, and Richmond, VA.

Finally back in the U.S.A. near Boulder Colorado, hit a patch of black ice causing truck and trailer to end up off the road. Still have 2000 miles to go before getting home.

Anyone know what the weather forecast is between Boulder Colorado and Richmond, Va? I'm, betting black clouds all the way.

Good luck guys. See you next year?

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