Sunday, November 02, 2008

Remember The #278 Mercedes

Team Sol Shine Alternatives piloted by Chris Moncrief and co-piloted by Mike Devine, the #278 Mercedes that ran on waste vegetable oil had what many racers would consider a nightmare race. As a racer I have to really admire this team, what they originally set out to accomplish and the fact that they never gave up. After one day of racing they were stuck and even though their race car suffered some minor race related battle scars it was in fact their support vehicle that let them stranded (more than once) behind. But in the same way that the Phoenix rose from the ashes they too made the best of things and drove into Nuevo Laredo holding their heads high. Well, OK, so maybe their heads weren't so high but that's only due to the fact they had to drive 20 HOURS STRAIGHT to catch up! I find it amazing that when you consider they were left behind for all but one day of racing to fend for themselves that they STILL DIDN'T FINISH LAST!!! That's correct. Out of 107 cars they finished 96!!!

Not your typical fuel stop. Fill'er up please and check the oil.

I find it ironic that they had a perfectly good race car locked up in the trailer but it was the support vehicle that let them down. Those of you reading this who are planning future events, let this serve as a reminder that there are so many other aspects of this race that can not and must not be overlooked. This is a long and very difficult trip, one that is hard on even a vehicle that is not being pushed. Keeping this in mind, you can begin to realize how hard it is for a race car. Every aspect and every possibility MUST BE CONSIDERED. Like I have said a thousand times before, it is "WHAT IF" racing.

I don't know about you but I can't wait to read more about these guys and that little ole fat burnin hot rod that made us all sit up and look.

Photo's Courtesy of Coop and Team Sol Shine Alternatives

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