Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts

Thank God George and Tom of Dover Brother's Racin & Donkey Farm aren't Greek. From the first time I saw their team logo painted on the rear deck of their race car I liked it and today I got my very own Dover Brothers Racin T-shirt! Some of the team members names of the #263 Volvo are Ben Dover and then there's Leaned Over and so I decided I needed a team name of my own so I asked my wife what she thought. She said I looked like Runded Over. I should never have asked her.

Thank you Tom and George! Love it.

2 comments: said...

Whoah, I see my sketch of 'Lucky' on the wall of honour! Tres cool!

George Sullivan said...

The Team members are Ben Dover,Flip Dover,Jack Dover and Skip Dover so I guess that makes you Run Dover. Glad you like the shirt enjoy it a special gift from Dover Bros Racin and Donkey Farm
"We Haul Ass" and after we crashed you could say "We Mow Down Grass"