Saturday, November 15, 2008

Does Anyone Have Any Information Regarding These Photos?

I have several questions about these photos taken by Go Fast. The #99 Lincoln piloted by Dennis Varni and co-piloted by Dick DeLuna is seen in one lane in one photo with the door open and in the other lane in the next. Judging by the shrubs in each photo it looks as if both shots where taken in the same spot but I don't think they made two passes through this section. Did the door fly open or did the co-pilot open it up and if so why? Is it possible they were in a slide? Anyone have their e-mail address?

EDIT: Well do I have egg on my face or what! It would have been far too easy to have deleted this post or better yet I could have said, "I was just checking to see if anyone else caught it." As was pointed out it's not the same car. DOH! But still there is the question as to why the door is open. There have been several messages sent saying things like, "Co-piloto wanted out because of pilotos scary driving.", "Co-piloto had to pee really bad but pilotos refused to pull over.", "Automatic co-piloto ejection when giving wrong instructions from log book.", and "I knew I shouldn't have had that burrito for breakfast."


MatthewJohn said...

Not the same car. That doesn't explain the door being open, but it makes the locations easier to understand.

Kristin said...

Gary, is it Brad's Lincoln? I have his email if you need it.