Sunday, November 02, 2008

How To Get The Attention Of Potential Sponsors

One of the funniest messages I have received so far is from Tom Boes and George Sullivan, co-pilots of the #263 Volvo. Remembering that they had an "off road excursion" a few days ago and the heart-breaking story of another team who spotted them sitting in their car atop a car hauler, it is very uplifting to learn these two great guys have the heart to laugh all the way home and see it as the thrill of victory... and not as the agony of defeat!

Not allowing fate to stop them they made it their destiny to finish and that's exactly what they did. How freaking cool is THAT!!!

Here is one of the messages George sent that had me laughing so hard.....


Well we finally figured out we came in to hot, got airborne and suddenly became a very high speed lawnmower. We are just wondering if John Deere will sponsor us now. All of the safety equipment required in the car did their job and the neck braces we bought more than paid for themselves. The car was repaired and we were off and running again out of 109 cars in the starting field we were one of from what I understand one of 67 to cross the finish line which is always a high and low point of the race the high being you did it and the low you have to leave the friendships you have made over the past two weeks that will last forever as you know. I went down with full intentions of posting often but the car always came first then what sleep we could get. The Volvo is pretty beat up right now and lots of work to be done over the winter. As Tom and I talked as we rode on the top of Duane's car hauler we have lots of stories to talk and laugh about over the winter.


Note to George and Tom... If I were you I wouldn't waste any time contacting John Deere and remember their slogan... "NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE."

Photos Courtesy of Coop and Go Fast


George Sullivan said...

We are just wondering if maybe we could get into lawnmower racing afterall we have the pictures to prove we do lawns like seven foot tall grass. The trip home was long finally last night at midnight we pulled in safe and sound.

Gary Faules said...

Welcome home! On a good note I must remind you of the last car Jon and I saw go into the tall grass during last years La Carrera...

Not everyone is as lucky as you guys. Must be the Leprechaun green.