Tuesday, November 04, 2008

La Carrera Panamericana... It's So Much More Than A Race

By now the rookies La Carrera teams will have began realizing that there is so much more to La Carrera Panamericana than just getting from checkpoint A to checkpoint B. In reality each of them will strain to recall every single day, kilometer, village, race fan, adobe home, and more as they attempt to relive the adventure that has captured their very soul. Many will have learned that Mexico is nothing like they thought it to be and in fact a million times more unforgettable than they could ever had expected. Yes, they haven't realized it yet but there is now a seed firmly planted deep inside each of them that will grow in time and like the the swallows that feel the need to return to Mission San Juan Capistrano in California or the Monarch butterflies that is beckoned back to Morelia they too will find the desire from that seed within to return.

Mexico... so much more than a place to race but a place that is good for all.

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