Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sam Burg's LT Special

As far as I'm concerned any car that finds it's way to Mexico to compete in La Carrera Panamerican is special. Some of them go on to stand out more than others. Some earn their claim to fame by winning while others either do something exceptional, some find their demise in a spectacular crash, some compete for multiple years or were driven by a celebrity or famous driver and so on.

Photo Courtesy of Coop

PIctured above is one of my favorite La Carrera race cars that has done almost all of the above is the #205 LT Special which competes in Sports Mayor Class and is piloted by Dr. Sam Burg and co-piloted by Dyana Marlett. Even after suffering two crashes, one of which damn near sent the car and pilotos to their doom waaaaay down below, Sam and Dyana drove the wheels off the LT Special all the way to the 2007 LCP Sports Mayor class win. Not only did it win in 2007 but three other races prior and if that wasn't enough it won again this year when it finished 20th overall.

As you can see by the skid marks it narrowely missed going over a very bad cliff.
Photo Courtesy of Bret Haller at The Unlimited Class

The history of the LT Special is equally as interesting and impressive as the wins.
It was first built by Juan Lerdo deTejada in Mexico City 1954. The purpose was to take on the European sports cars that were dominating the La Carrera Panamericana. It was scheduled to be introduced to the world in the La Carrera of 1955. Unfortunately, the great Mexican Road race was canceled because of to many accidents and therefore the LT never got to race on the open roads. It did race very successfully on various road courses in Mexico for many years.

In the early nineties, the car was found by the son of the original owner. It was in terrible condition but was carefully rebuilt by Juan Lerdo deTejada Jr. Juan raced it in the modern version of the La Carrera Panamericana. So finally, in 98 some 43 years after it was built, it got to stretch out on the open roads like it was designed for. Unfortunately, a minor accident prohibited the car to show its true potential.

In 2002 Juan contacted Mats Hammarlund Racing to discuss the possibilities of a continuation of the LT Special. Juan wanted the car to race again but simply did not want to risk, the only car ever built. December of 2003 started the new production of the LT Special and the first one is already sold.

Photo Courtesy of Go Fast

The new LT has a modern chassis with a factory GM V8 engine, 5 speed transmission and 4 wheel disc brakes.

Interested in owning a piece of La Carrera Panamerican history? If so, this one is available and it's the perfect car should you be interested in running La Carrera Panamericana or simply wanting to add it to your historical collection. For more information Sam's beautiful #205 LT Special drop me a line at

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