Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why do we do it? For the love.

There are many reasons as to what draws each personality to run in the La Carrera Panamericana. While doing an interview with a Mexican newspaper reporter I was asked, "What do you enjoy most about the La Carrera Panamericana?" While I don't remember how I responded to the question I do remember thinking about it for some time and even on the way home. After giving it careful thought I realized there can not be any single response. For me, what I enjoyed most about the La Carrera Panamericana is (1) The people... this includes the fans/citizens of Mexico, the officials both law enforcement and LCP officials and the drivers/teams. They truly make you feel as if you are loved and the way they make you feel at the end of the day is beyond any one's wildest expectations. (2) The satisfaction of building a car that not once let us down and in the same breath performed to the high standards we have come to expect. (3) The satisfaction of honestly believing even before we left home that our method of racing would find us on the podium, all of which is because of the teamwork and devotion of the dedicated team of individuals found on CALIFORNIA'S BEST RACING team.

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