Saturday, November 03, 2007

On our way home

It's a nice ride home when the memories are still so fresh. Sometimes while Will is driving and I get a quick cat-nap and each time I wake up I ask myself, "Did I just dream all of this? Are we really on our way home?"

The memories will surely last a lifetime but that will not make leaving so many new friends behind easy. At the dinner/banquet I told a beautiful woman how I was beginning to get choked up with the thought of leaving so many friendships behind. She told me she thought she was the only one feeling that way but many others said the same thing.

I talked to my beautiful wife today and my grandson Tyler and it makes me realize I have just as wonderful loved ones waiting for me at home and now I am in yet another race... one that takes me safely home to the ones I need the most. I also talked to Anthony my son in law and my daughter Charmagne to wish her happy birthday. I can't wait to see and hold them all let alone begin with all tales of this adventure.

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