Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gramdpa tell us about the time you....

Can you imagine how great it will be to someday say to my grandkids, "Did I ever tell you about the time a bunch of my friends and Jon and I were driving thru Mexico City and the police closed down the freeways so we could do 140 miles per hour right thru the middle of town?"

And then again I can tell them about the last day when many drivers where taking it easy to make sure could reach the finish line while we were doing 160 as we headed back into Nuevo Laredo on worn Toyos following a car belching oil. Yep, it was a day my good friend Jon and I will long remember.

Of course Gramps will want to tell them how we did so well and won during the day we ran Mil Cumbres the most dangerous stage of the entire race. It's a well known fact the locals enjoy falling trees across the road and shove large rocks onto blind corners which is their idea of excitment as it often results in cars going over a cliff. Once again thanks to Bret Haller of THE UNLIMITED CLASS . COM

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Buick 115 said...

Well, those trees and rocks at Mil Cumbres are not intended for the excitement of watching a car loosing control. Actually, it is how some locals try to discourage racing taken place in “their” road. Since some of them live by illegally cutting trees in the woods there, they do not like the attention and all the police that come along with the race. So they think that if they can make it VERY dangerous then we will stop going there (and the police). So the reason for the trees and the rocks it is even worse than you thought!