Saturday, November 10, 2007

There all good days but some stand out

I can't think of a day I didn't love while in Mexico but there were some that really get me all excited. For example, when Jon and I stood on the top position of the podium after running Mil Cumbre, which is considered to be the most dangerous section of the entire race we really took it to heart.

There were other times that Team California's Best made a great showing and one of them without a doubt was when we ran the new race track in Queretaro. When it was out turn there was not a car on the track that we didn't pass. I can hear Jon talking in my ear as if it was only seconds ago, "Ok Buddy, it's time to show them that is is what we do." It's too bad we didn't have time to stick around because when we got there we were welcomed by thousands of race fans many of who had their race cars at the track and all as friendly as racers can be. I look forward to someday going back and spending some time there when it's completed. From what little I saw, the new facilities are going to be very lavish and the track itself is a hoot to drive.

Thank you to or friends Elke Middledorp and Leila Lesche, the ladies team from Germany who drove Porsche number 308 for the awesome photos some of which were taken on a racing stage coming into Queretaro. Speaking of great memories and friends, I will be writing more on these beautiful babes later.


Marcia said...

Have really enjoyed your blog, Gary. I'm sorry I didn't meet you while we were "observers" at La Carrera. It was an amazing week as my husband and I tried to determine if this is really the adventure we want to partake in for our 25th anniversary next year. The verdict is still out, but we had an amazing time watching you all race. I took tons of photos (that I'm still uploading at my blog site). Please pass the url onto other La Carrera participants that might be interested. Congratulations on your awards and finishing this endurance road rally! I'm glad you and crew made it home safe!
Another Blog address:
Sincerely, Mjb

Gary Faules said...


Thanks for the kind kudos and if you ask me I'm all for you making that 25th one you'll surely never forget. Regarding your site, I love it! I can't wait to see more photos.

Best regards, Gary

Gary said...

I like the little bit of left front lock up while you dive bomb the big blue, white and yellow beast.

Gary Faules said...

Lucky's brakes were unbelieavable and all the research I used was right on perfect but believe me I threw out a lot of advise I was given that would have really had me in trouble. Many manufactures are very straight up about the fact that a lot of their products are aimed at reaching the "kids" crowd who have little money but want the cool "looking" brake packages. They were extreamly responsible in letting me know a lot of the products are ok for street racing or beginners but are NOT good enough for serious racing. I am seriously greatful to the ones who told it like it is.

on the mexican road again said...

Hi Gary,
we had a fantastic time in Mexico. I understand now, why Elke wantedto join the "Carrera" the fith time. It is nice to meet the friends again.
I'm happy I met You. I hope we will stay in contact.

A big hug
Leila #308

Greetings to Your son

Gary Faules said...


You can bet your last Deutsche Mark that you and Elke and I will stay in touch and remain friends for years to come. Congratulations on such an awesome race. You ladies rock and really showed the world ladies really can drive.