Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank God for digital

Gads, there are so many photos of so much and they are still rolling in. Here are some random favorites... ones that I really enjoy. I must admit that for me the top two are especially meaningful. The first one is the start at Oaxaca in the early 50's and the next is Lucky in this year's 2007 race. Only minutes before the start of that race all I could think about many of the world’s most famous drivers, including world champions like Phil Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio, Carroll Shelby, Micky Thompson, Tony Bettenhausen, Jerry Unser, Bill France, Curtis Turner, Marshal Teague as well as John Trevoux, Robert Manzon, Louis Chiron from France, winners of the 24 Hours Of Le Mans as well as major international rallies. They had all taken off from this very same place in history the same that Jon and I were about to embark upon, each of whom came to Mexico to test their cars, skill, and stamina.

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michael emery said...

That scene is from the 1953 La Carrera Panamericana
I've been watching the home movies shot by one of the Lincoln teams and that scene looks like it was lifted right from the film.

Keep up the great work.

Michael Emery