Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mr Peabody and the way-back machine

Ok so I'm dating myself... One of my favorite cartoons when I was a boy was Mr Peabody and the way-back machine about an intellectual dog and his "way-back" machine that would transport him and his assistant Sherman back into time. How cool would that be? I can't speak for everyone but personally I really get into the moment so to speak regardless of what it is I'm doing. Some might say I get too carried away but to me I would ask, why do it in the first place if it isn't going to be that exciting?

The La Carrera is so damned exciting that it could take a whole year to settle down, to stop having these anxiety dreams that keep waking me up and making me believe I'm late for a driver's meeting, and to stop worrying about friends I didn't really get to say goodbye to. Every day as I check out other blogs, get e-mail from others and hear about things that I hadn't known that happened or see photos of others in places I recognized I am taken back to the moments I cherish so much. If I close my eyes I can recall certain turns or moments both good and bad. But thanks to one individual not only can I remember so many moments but indeed I find myself saying, "HEY, I remember that very turn... That very corner, rock, straight away and more. It's thanks to Bret Haller of The Unlimited Class Blog and his Flicker site that I am able to relive so many amazing moments with a huge smile on my face and not only can I relive my own exciting times many that otherwise I may have entirely forgotten. Not only can I see a lot of exciting places but I can also see so many others as well not to mention the amazing scenery that so many others I never even knew what things looked like in most cases because of my intense focus on the roadway at all times.

Thank you Brett for your amazing eye, your dedication to perfection and for helping us keep the dream from fading for years to come. Thanks for your "way-back" machine.

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