Thursday, November 22, 2007

Moving targets in Mexico?

One of the biggest problems I have with the La Carrera is there is so much that I want to report about that it seems as if it will be time to run it again before the last story is told. Believe me, it's hard to refrain myself from posting a hundred stories a day and the term "Pacing one's self" is not in my vocabulary. But as much as I try to limit myself I still need to make a post... or 2... or 3... Oh hell, just enjoy yourself.

One of my most memorable gold medals was one I won at the Mexico City Bonito Juarez Pan Am Games but before I raced in the La Carrera I always thought moving targets were only to be found in sport of Olympic Skeet Shooting. The big difference is that in skeet shooting you get points for hitting the moving targets... In the La Carrera you do not.

You have surely read by now that seeing a few critters along the way is not unusual but what you don't truly get out of reading these post is how often we see them along the way let alone how close they are to the edge of the road. It's also important to remember that when I use the term "Edge of the road" it really is the EDGE of the road as most of the time there is no "side" of the road to pull off onto with a race car like you would normally expect. If you hit the "edge" you're probably going country in a big way. That reminds me of a TV entertainment show years ago called the Donny & Marie Osmond Show. They had a segment on the show where the two of them sang their preferences and it began with them each singing... "I'm a little bit country"... Then the other sang... "I'm a little bit Rock and Roll." I couldn't get that song out of my mind at times as I looked for a safe escape route that every good race car driver is always looking for.

In Mexico the locals leave their critters whether they be donkeys, goats, sheep, cattle, horses, dogs or whatever, along the edge of the road because there is a lot of green grass growing there and the truth is it keeps the sides of the roadways trimmed nice and neat. The problem is, you just never know when one is going to decide it's time to leisurely take a stroll to the other side of the road. You can';t help but have that thought in the back of your mind every time you are coming around a corner along a cliff at high speed. I think it's safe to say we saw some form of farm critter every 10 miles for the entire 2000 miles of racing. It's also safe to say not all of them were standing far enough off to the side of the road as the tell tale signs of fresh blood made the road extremely slippery on corners. Keep in mind I was originally a country boy (still am at heart) but I never knew there were that many damn donkeys in the world. Thank you to Stacy from car #430 and Bret from The Unlimited Class Blog for the wildlife photos.

Speaking of moving targets... Be sure to check out the video of Emil and Keri Rensing in the #555 Porsche GT3 as they rip thru middle of Mexico City at God knows how fast. I can not wait to see our own HD DVD when it's ready as we abused the same section of freeway at over 140 miles per hour!!! Thanks again to our new buddy Bret over at The Unlimited Blog for the fun video clip. Be sure to look closely at all the spectators waving flags and banners and cheering along the road and on top of the overpasses and while you're at it IF YOU DARE try to count the number of obstacles that a car could hit if something went wrong. It's important to keep in mind this is no race track were there are safety barriers, tire walls and run off areas. And this has got to be the most appropriate version of Hotel California there is to be found under the circumstances. Damn I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke.

Before you watch the video remeber that as you gather with your family this Thanksgiving Season, please join Team California's Best Racing in Prayer for those less fortunate amongst us. Bless those around the world who were afflicted by recent fires, cyclones, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. And finally, be sure to thank God for the opportunities and blessings He has given us.

Have a wonderful Holiday.

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