Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sure it's a small car but they are BIG competitors

A few months ago Gary, a friend of mine over at The had written an article about racing Fiats and you can only imagine my surprise when I saw one on the LCP entry list exactly like the one he had featured on his blog. Even more of a surprise was what an awesome team they were right from the first second I met them. Even better was their high expectations as to what they had come to accomplish. Car number 430 was driven by Luca Maciucescu and David Hopkins and Stacy was one of the nicest gals ever to grace a racetrack. Always smiling and ready to get out there and kick some butt. Speaking of kicking butts, one afternoon in San Miguel de Allende I was watching as a bunch of guys were pushing the # 430 Fiat onto a trailer while Stacy supervised. Being the kidder that I am I couldn't resist asking, "Instead of pushing, why don't you just pick it up and set it on the trailer." When Stacy turned around... Well, just let me say, if looks could kill I wouldn't be writing this post. LOL. The truth is she was a doll. Just don't tease her about the car who turned out to be a huge star with everyone.

When ever someone shows up at a race track with a small car there is always someone to start in on them with the "Short People drive itty-bitty car" song and lots more but I will be the first to tell you that after having driven Pro-Sedan for many years I know for a fact how much more skill and strategy is required when running with the big dogs. Not only do you have to stay focused but at the same time you have to watch for those coming up hot and find the right time to allow them to pass. (Easier said than done) In the mean time you have to keep up a "head of steam", hold your line and even show others that you are not going to be pushed around let alone be intimidated.

The 430 team performed better than many "big car" teams and found themselves kicking butt and taking numbers. When I saw photos of them running on the new race track in Morelia my heart jumped back to the days when Jon and I ran in PS2 and competed against Nascar trucks, spec cars, and every high end car you could imagine. (And yes we beat many of them while doing it.) Just imagine a car the size of a 55 gallon drums and an engine the size of an electric shaver beating out half the field which is exactly what they did. At the end of very last day as we were being welcomed by thousands of racing fans I was just standing in the middle of the street trying to take it all in when all of a sudden I looked up and saw the crowd or people part and here come car number 430. It brought a huge smile to my face and I still get choked up the way one does when you are watching some Disney movie when the unbelievable happens that makes you get all teared eyed. Congratulations to team 430 and the excellent car and race you brought. There is nothing small about your heart let alone the awesome accomplishment you made.

Be sure and check out their site at FIAT-OUT ACROSS MEXICO.


Stacy and Luca said...

As of this moment, you are now the funniest guy I know ... fix the trunk lid my a..

Lets stay in touch. My email is

ps - were are not married.

Gary Faules said...

That's the story of my life... Find an attractive woman and all they do is laugh. ;)

I'm looking forward to a long lasting friendship.

Warm regards, Gary