Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hail Technoviking AKA Goatee Man

It seems I have always enjoyed having fun and God knows if that's the case hanging out with all these personalities is the place to be. One such personality was Mark Williams better known as "Goatee Man" as his mother calls him. Mark was the navigator of the Unlimited Subaru, car number 543 along with driver Kevin Jones. These guys were on the podium more than a double D bra on Dolly Pardon but they are the kind of competitors everyone enjoys seeing up there.

One day during a service stop and a quick taco or two I introduced myself to Mark and asked him if he had ever heard of the ever popular Internet cult known as Technoviking. After he said no I asked him to pose with me for a photo which is reminiscent of Technoviking. It seems Mark has a brother who is in the entertainment industry and also serves as his own chronographer and crowd control all wrapped up in one. All kidding aside Mark was a lot of fun and willing to help anyone out in a heartbeat not to mention one hell of a race car dude. he is a well brought up gentleman and I know his parents must be proud.

One day after I explained to Mark who TechnoViking was I was posing with a police officer for a photo and Mark walked up and said, "Hey, why don't you ask him to pose like Technoviking?" LOL. Thanks Mark and Kevin for being part of the adventure. It would have not been the same without you guys.

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