Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Congratulations to everyone


Team California's Best Racing would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the 20th Anniversary running of the La Carrera Panamericana. It is the true spirit of automotive racing that brought each of us together to become part of automotive history for which all of us can hold our heads high.

We would like to thank everyone that took part in the orginizing and smooth running of this awesome event especially Edwardo Leon and for his special friendship and enthusiazim for without his dream none of our dreams would have come to be.

It is with great awe that we take our hats off to the Mexican Fereralys and Police (Thousands of them!) as they protected and served with the highest expectations that could ever be asked for. What an amazing bunch of men.

And thanks to all the citezens of Mexico who really show the world what the love of auto racing is all about and for the love and affection they brought to each of us in every village, town and city we enterered.


Lisa T. said...

I absolutely adored your blog... would be interested in a CD when available!!

I am a veteran of 3 PCs.. 1999 as a copilito. Boy, were the memories brought back. I've only read from Oct/Nov 2007, now will go back to the beginning as time permits. Thanks again for the memories and your wonderful thoughts!

Lisa T.

Gary Faules said...


The pleasure is all mine and I am glad you enjoyed it too. It is one hell of a ride isn't it and one everyone would look forward too as well. Thanks for your post and stay tunned.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary! It was so fun meeting you and Jon. What a great time we had!

See you next year!

Keri Rensing
Car 555
Porsche GT3

Gary Faules said...


Yes it was a blast wasn't it! I really enjoyed meeting the both of you as well and one of my fondest memories was the day we were parked next to you guys in front of the Emporio Hotel in the beautiful setting in Zacatecas. That day Jon and I were relaxed and had lots of time to chat with Emil and what a fine gentleman he is.

I had to laugh... One day I was following you guys in a transit section while you were behind a Federally. I told Jon we would just hang with you guys for a while and he said, "Are you nuts? That's a GT3. That car lives for this stuff." Then I said just watch as I pull up behind them. But when I came over the next rise all I could see was you guys disappearing over the next rise which was so far away I needed binoculars to see who the hell it was! LOL.

A Toast... Here's to beautiful cars, beautiful women and the La Carrera Panamericana, may they capture our hearts for an eternity.