Friday, November 23, 2007

Repeating those famous words of General Macarthur

I WILL RETURN. (God willing)

Ever since I first set eyes on San Miguel de Allende I was destine to return for a visit. Then as if the hook wasn't set deep enough into my jaw we spent the night in other amazing cities as well that set it even deeper and began reeling me in. Even before I made it back to my own doorstep I began considering the possibilities of returning when I could spend more time absorbing much more of taste of colonial flavor of Mexico. Then I began thinking about how much my wife would enjoy it so after talking briefly with Linda Robertson about her and her husband's personal experience having gone and stayed there I made up my mind I was returning.

First I had to clear it with the big boss... my wife. To my surprise she was as excited about is as I am. Considering some of the predicaments I get her in to it's a small miracle. LOL. So the dates are already set. We will be going to Mexico on the first of July! At first I was trying to decide which of the amazing places O wanted to visit so I pulled out the map and began my research. To my surprise there are 5 of the seven cities where we stayed during the race all of which are within a 3 hour drive at their farthest point. WOW! With all the driving back and forth on the twisted, windy roads that I did during the race I never really knew where in the hell I was. That was Jon the navigator's job and I just did like Jon told me, "Just drive the damn car."

So based on my memory and if my further research proves to be accurate we will be spending about a week in San Miguel de Allende, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Queretaro, and Morelia. I have already been invited by a good friend I made during the race to be his guest to show us around and for that I am also very excited.

In the meantime please enjoy the following video which is very nice but as anyone who has been to San Miguel de Allende will tell you, this video does not do the beautiful city any justice whatsoever.

As for the second video, it really does nothing for the beauty of an amazing city but the only reason I posted the second video is because I enjoy the song "Zacatecas" as sung by The Iguanas.


ortizgarage said...

Big boss...or...your love?

Gary Faules said...

They are the same. :)