Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update On The Crash

Regarding a crash that Jorge reported on earlier here is some information send in by a reader. However, I do not know if they had anything to do with La Carrera Panamericana or not. I do not see their names on the entry list but if anyone knows please let me know.

Saludos Amigos. Regarding the accident related question Angelica asked Jorge. That accident was not a practice run. It was just a tragic traffic accident were the 2 occupants of a Porsche 356 died while driving on the Toluca-Mexico Autopista. They were on the way back to Mexico City when they lost control, hit the guard rail and then got hit by a Derby. The Porsche 356 caught on fire and both occupants died at the moment of impact. The 2 gentelmen who lost their lives were Mr. Nicolas Zapata Cardenas (63) and Mr. Alberto Amezcua Raz (60. The family driving the Derby were not harmed. Actually they tried to rescue the Porsche driver and passenger but it was to late. This occured on October 9th. 2010. and was reported in

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San_Arthur said...

Racing is a dangerous and occasionally deadly game, but the risk is part of what makes it so exciting. But it's sometimes the open road, not the track, that takes the lives of skilled racing drivers. The death of Nicolas Zapata is one of those cases.

Zapata, a native of Mexico, vintage racer, and one of the most influential supporters of Ferrari's Historic Race series, was killed in an accident along the Mexico-Toluca highway October 9. Zapata and Alberto Amezcua, a vintage car restoration and dealership owner, were both killed when their Porsche 356 hit a wall and caught fire.

Among other driving credits, Zapata is remembered in part as the winner of the 2009 shell Ferrari Historic Challenge race in Valencia, where he piloted a 1956 Ferarri 625 TR. Amezcua led an equally, if unintentionally, adventurous life, having been kidnapped and ransomed twice.