Monday, October 25, 2010

Taz Harvey Update

My good friend and racing buddy Taz Harvey reports: The 510 was 12th overAll out of 120... 1st on class and having a great time. Today was a great day with a run on a road at 9000 ft elevation.


Lanny Ritz said...

I'm glad to see this car getting used like this. My brother (Larry) and his son (Eric) built this car a few years back in Wadsworth, Ohio as a show/track car. He sold it 2007, and the car went to Florida. It's shown up on E-bay a couple of times since then. My brother used his many years of SCCA racing experience (mostly in Datsun 510s)to build this car and it shows.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Lanny- the car ran great and the crowd in Mexico loved it. I had a great time and this race is one of the hardest I have ever run. I put a few dents in her during the Carrera, mostly in parking lots, and I will be sure to restore her to original condition so we can display her until Chihuahua.