Friday, October 29, 2010

Good News For Teams Who Want Nice Photos

This year the people at Mexsport Online were of no help whatsoever. The LCP photos on their site this year were posted in a way that you could not click on them to get a better look. If you wanted to take a good look at your car on their site there was a charge for it. Personally I think they would have been much smarter if they allowed teams to click and enlarge them to get a better look even if they had large watermarks across the photo. Then if someone liked a particular photo they could purchase it. Even smarter would have been to allow competitors to download them for free which I guarantee would have generated them thousands of more hits on their site.

But here's the good news.... If any teams wants to get some of those photos all they have to do is go to SPORTS CAR DIGEST by CLICKING HERE. At the bottom of the page is 10 pages of awesome photos of I believe every single car that raced in 2010 and not only can you click to enlarge them but you can download them as well for free. So check it out and tell your friends and lets watch Sports Car Digest hits climb off the charts. THANKS SPORTS CAR DIGEST!!!

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