Friday, October 29, 2010

A Testimony Of How Being Prepared Can Save Your Life

Watch this video of my friend Bill Beilharz's #108 Studebaker crash as he goes over a cliff and rolls down into a canyon. Bill reports, "I discovered I had no brakes about 3 seconds before I left the road." You can hear his co-piloto frantically calling his name while Bill lay unconscious. After a few moments of panic Bill comes back with us from his deep sleep. This video is absolute proof that a "well prepared" car and team can in fact save your life and knowing Bill well I know for a fact he left absolutely nothing to chance. To this day every time I watch videos like this I am amazed knowing there are those who cut corners to save a buck as they have the mentality of, "That will never happen to me." Instead, everyone should say to themselves, "WHEN that happens to me..." and in doing so they will be prepared. The end result is that Bill's car saved both the co-piloto and his life and they both walked away.


Dave said...

Chilling video. Bill stayed at our house in Mazatlan on the way back home. He had quite the bump on his head.My wife and I made sure he got fed and was given ample medicine...tequila. We had to laugh when he dozed off. We sounded like his navigator,only at 1am ..."HEY BILL,HEY BILL....BIIILLLL.

bbeilharz said...

Soreness, no bump.

Dave said...

oops...I didn't word that right. Dave