Monday, October 25, 2010

Race Update

Bill Overbaugh reported:


Mini-update from our mechanic. He said the Gregorys' Studebaker is on the road, but is in rough condition. The tie rod ends were bent around a tree stump and the right front frame horn was bent straight up.

It's back and running, but not pretty. The OPA Corvette went right over a cliff. The driver and navigator are supposed to be OK, but they started trying to extract the car around 3:30 and were not done yet by 6:00.

#426, my Dad's Lincoln, got lost in transit. DOH!

Michael Emery the navigator reported:

Brake trouble last stage so we were extra slow. Heading in to Morelia now. Car running well. Tom driving great. Even though the Swiss navigator told him he was "badly educated" after Tom clipped the navigators hand while we were parking... more on that later.

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LScheller said...

Keep on keepin' on, Tom! Make the Original PanAm Class proud!