Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank You

I would like to take the time to thank everyone from around the world for all your kind email and phone calls. But I would also like to take time to thank all those teams who made time even during their hectic schedule to send me updates and photos so that the rest of us can keep up to speed with all that's going on from the time the teams leave to head to Mexico until they have completed the race and are safely on their way home.

Another thing that gives me so much pleasure each year is the personal email I get from friends and family of teams who are still at home trying to find out bits and pieces. In return they also fill me in on how their team is doing, what adversities they might be encountering and the exhilaration when they are making a comeback or doing well. It's as if we are all family and all very rewarding indeed. Think you each and every one of you.

Now if the LCP organization could just learn how important it would be to get daily results and daily overall results made available each day so the rest of the world could experience the excitement as well. Being able to see that Jon Smith has moved up 10 spots and Mr Jones fell back 2 spots is a HUGE part of watching the race from afar. Being able to see where your team is running and how close each class is truly is the most exciting part of it and somehow hearing about a week two later really means nothing.


aceventura said...

Thank you for collecting all reports from the Carrera, this whas second year i followed your blog Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Gary - thanks for a simply outstanding job with keeping us fans up to speed with LaC. Keep it up Buddy! /Lars Stugemo :==)