Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take A Moment To Thank These Angels

Their work is tiring and thankless. They never get to stand on a podium and they don't get any award to take home and like the Lone Ranger, after all is said and done, people will not even know their names. But the truth is these guys and gals are the real hero's of the race. Every racer there should take the time to shake their hand and ask for a group photos with them.

From the very first day when they pulled our friends out of the yellow crashed car these guys really performed to the highest expectations. Even my son who is a race director for NASA commented on all the photos of that crash and mentioned what a top notch operation they were and how they were utilizing all the latest safety equipment. And believe me these guys have been REALLY busy this year.

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Nikki Bua said...

GREAT reminder, Gary, thank you. They are always the unsung heroes, aren't they? I sent a note reminding them to say thanks and loved your suggestion about the picture with them.