Sunday, October 17, 2010

Live Report From San Miguel DeAllende

Here is a fantastic in-the-field report that my good friend Jorge Arellano has sent from San Miguel DeAlende.

Good day Gary, I hope you are having a great sunday. Here I am in a San Miguel Bar, with a cold pacifico michelada. While writing my report from the Coyote Convoy in San Miguel.


The Coyote Convoy in San Miguel de Allende

After arriving to San Miguel de Allende from Queretaro. I went to the "Jardin", right in front of San Miguel´s church. There they were, 11 cars from the Coyote Convoy, just parked on display. An excellent sunny day was the perfect reception for them. Among the cars I recognized Mr Gerie Bledsoe. I had the oportunity to talk to him. He was as friendly as always and he told me he was happy to be in San Miguel, after a long drive from the border. He had a two hour sleep from friday to saturday after prepairing the paper work and all the setup for the import. He is looking forward to prepair a different logistic for next year, so it can be done as a whole import package next year, as other motorsports do it to reduce the process of getting all the cars, trailers and stuff into Mexico. Now he is looking forward for the next leg of the covoy to move to Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, and from there to Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes were also at the Jardin, enjoying the good weather and very accesible to talk about the race. Doug´s opinion about this year´s Panamericana is that is going to be as tough as always, but he is very confident that the preparation they have been having is doing a lot for their knowledge and experience, specially while doing their work on the new stages. They will be practicing again tomorrow near Pachuca. Angelica also told me the practing has been very demanding, but they want to go for the whole thing and do their best to go for the third win to close the year. After their success in the Chihuahua Express and Pikes Peak.

Angelica also asked me about an accident with a Porsche while doing practice near Mexico City, but I told her I didnt knew anything about it. Hopefully you know something we can post in your blog or on FB.

I also met Taz Harvey, navigator for an american Datsun that will race the Panamericana for the first time. They had an accident before arriving to Monterrey, when their trailer was hit in the back. The team was expecting the worst, as the damage was kind of big and they had to dismount the back trailer door to check the car. There was a transmission behind the car that received most of the hit, and damaged a little the fuel cell, but after checking it, they considered that the car was intact and they made some repairs and continued their way to San Miguel.

As always, all the drivers at the Jardin were very friendly with the people, specially the ladies and kids. Taking pictures with them and letting them go into the cars to experience from within how it is to be inside a race car.

In a few days the convoy will be in Tuxtla ready for the final reviews and to start the race.

Attached you an find some pics from the cars at the Jardin.

Have a good day


Taz Harvey and in-field reporter Jorge.

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