Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 La Carrera Panamericana Is Over

First Report Overall Harri Rovanpera (unofficial).

The good news: The majority of teams are now in Zacatecas and the awards dinner will be tonight.

The bad news: Now it may take three weeks to get the results.


LCP said...

Gary, great blogging. Did the GPS online system work at all this year? We never got the information so we were never able to track our own cars. Thanks.

Gary Faules said...

To be honest with you the GPS ststem did nothing for me and I tried several times so as far as I was concerned it was a waste of time. Unlike the one they had couple years ago. That one let me see real time who was where but even that one was no good for "spectating" purposes. It may have been good for a crew who would want to know if their car is still in the running. All that said, I had one person write me one day and I got the feeling that she was able to successfuly monitor the day with it and she even mentioned one day that there was a lot of teams using the "emergency" feature on it. But the one thing that would be worth far more to fans and spectators for all intensive purposes would be to simply get recults posted ON TIME each day.