Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Forget To Take Time To Smell The Roses

I got a report from my dear friend Linda Butler Robertson in which she wrote, "Carrera update- sitting in line waiting for our next speed section. It is a lovely day here in Zacataces. We end the race this pm." What I loved about this very short message was the simple fact that in spite of some adversity Linda has taken the time to smell the roses so to speak. It seems only a LCP veteran has the where-with-all to even notice "a lovely day".

When teams compete in La Carrera Panamericana the last thing they have time to do is ENJOY THEMSELVES. In the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Predator there is a line after a shoot'em up scene when Arnold tells his men to attend a bleeding wound on one of his men to which he replies, "I don't have time to bleed."

Nothing could be any more true with regards to teams having time to check out the sites and enjoy themselves. Most of them will return home and see photos on the Internet of places they stopped, drove by and even stayed at but they will find themselves saying, "I swear... I don't remember seeing this place."

It's truly unfortunate because Mexico has so much to offer and it really is an amazing place with so much to take in. It's very common after such a long, and stressful race for teams to have the desire to want to haul ass home and for so many reasons all of which are understandable. But since this year the race ends in Zacatecas and teams will spend a couple days there in what is a very special and beautiful place, I would hope many of them will take the time to spend a day of two after the race to get a LONG hot shower, and get some way overdue rest and then just relax and take in some sites and so on. Not only would it be smart to rest up before the long drive home but hopefully they can all stay together in a convoy as we all know there is safety in numbers. Besides teams needing some rest, trailers and tow rigs have been pushed to the limits not to mention the biggest reason to stay in a group is because they will be heading back into the border ares where we all know there is reason to be concerned. The last thing anyone needs now is to get caught alone.

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