Monday, October 25, 2010

Did Anyone Else Notice That???

I just posted that the results were posted a little while ago and at that time I had checked to see where a few friends were. But just now I went back to look some more and noticed several teams were changed from where they were a few moments ago.

EDIT: It just did it again. For example, I saw my buddy Taz Harvey a while ago in something like 70th place and now he's in 21st. Bill Shannahan who was in 9th place a while ago is now showing in 110th!!!

As you have read, there was a lot of upset teams regarding time slips that were handled with some doubt so I wonder is they raised enough hell that things have been corrected or if it's just a major mess. I sure am glad I didn't race this year.

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Francisco Ortiz said...

Halloween is near