Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Update From My Buddy Reno


Did tech inspection today and met many cool excited guys. Different personalities and approaches on how takin over the race. Some serious contenders and will be interesting to see the euros against gringos race philosopy.

My team pal started to take some cool pix and since we're almost set tomorrow will be socializing day, so many more pics to come. Some serious iron from the US...

Some shit happened too. I've heard that yesterday 19 Oct just after city of Puebla, during daytime a service truck owned or rented by Efrain Vega of DF carrying various engines, helmets, tires and not sure how much stuff for different Panam racers was followed and stolen under AK47 rifles persuasion from a couple of thiefs. I'm unsure of deeper details but this was the last truck of a small Panam convoy. Nobody harmed but truck is gone!

I tought is relevant to inform what's going on down here. As far I know all the Coyote Convoy arrived safe in Tuxtla. Actually I did drive a good while behind some of them but lost em in Veracruz province,they were flying on the road. If more news came up I'll let you know asap.


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