Saturday, September 01, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

I can't believe it, things are really beginning to come together. There is still plenty to do but at least the end product is in site. Today I began building a shifter tunnel box to cover the opening that was required for the shifter offset and made some good headway. It's one of those jobs that keeps me awake night wondering how I can make it simple but well done at the same time. I got the basics of the box finished and I still need to seal it, get it fastened down and then install the shifter boot.

Once the tunnel box is finished then I can mount the two ignition boxes and the MSD adjustable timing controls and then wire everything in nice and sanitary. Today I also installed a new fuse block in addition to the other one just to be on the safe side. At the same time I decided to re-wire some of the items I had already wired not only so they will be protected by fuses but so they will shut off with the ignition switch instead of the emergency shut-off switch. In any event the emergency shut off switch overrides everything any way.

Jon and I semi-installed the radio equipment into the dash where Jon can reach it from the navigator's seat. Once I have the rest of the wiring complete Jon and I will begin installing the radio and navigation equipment. Believe it or not Jon has all the needed equipment to hook up his I-Pod while we are in the transit stages so we can boogy on down the road. How cool is THAT! Since Jon loves anything computer or electrical related I would not put it past him to install a DVD player so we can watch The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

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