Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sit down, buckle up and hold on tight

Today was a great day. I got the clutch issues all sorted out and now the clutch is PERFECT! There is a small glitch with the transmission but at this point I have decided to take it to the track and see what happens. It may simply be some sort of burr so either it will blow to hell in a hand basket or be just fine. At any rate I will have time to deal with in over the next two weeks. I prefer not to have to pull it but I would rather do it here than along side the road in Mexico.

Today I got the navigator's seat installed, made some changes in the fuel routing system, emptied the fuel cell so I could correctly adjust the fuel gauge and rerouted the vent hose for the fuel cell. This evening while I finished puting on nylon ties on the roll bar padding Jon worked on the video cameras and radio equipment. With a few more small things to take care of tomorrow, we will put Lucky on his trailer so we can leave early to test at the track.

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