Friday, September 07, 2007

So much for good gas mileage

Well it looks as if I'm not going to get 32 miles to the gallon after all. When I first put race fuel in Lucky's tank it was only 5 gallons. On the other hand I have only started the engine 4 times for what seems like a few minutes however, yesterday I ran out of gas! This reminded me of my first trip to Baja Mexico when I towed a boat with my motorhome. Even though the motorhome had dual tanks there were numerous times that had we not carried extra military style gas cans we would have ran out of gas. This was due to the fact that what few stations there were they were so far apart. Now I am hoping we will not have those sorts of problems during this event. Besides, a couple military gas cans bolted on the Lucky's trunk deck wouldn't really look very cool.

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