Thursday, September 20, 2007

The pressure is on

Yesterday the roll bar padding and window nets were installed and we made some adjustments to the clutch linkage. The padding and window nets look great but I am not happy with the way the clutch is operating at all and I only have today and tomorrow to get it sorted out or else we will not be able to test this weekend.

And by the way, Happy Birthday To Me!


The Sporting Life Society said...

A great way to celebrate would be on the track...good luck sorting out the Gremlin's

Patrick said...


First, that roll cage looks good - many thanks for you shall be transporting my brother and I don't like the looks of that Jag!

Second, you and I share a birthday (happy birthday to you) - so that must be a good omen for you returning my brother in one piece.

-So you can see my preoccupation (my brother's safety), but I want to let you both know how much I enjoy following along with your blog and how excited I am for you both - you will have a blast I am sure.

Good luck and godspeed!

-Patrick Emerson

Gary Faules said...

Gremlins are going away. Thank God!


First of all Happy Birthday and today was a great one for me. I was doing what I love (working on a fast car) and my entire family, grand son and all, came by to bring a cake and share some love. They had been begging me all week to let them take me out but they know how much U need to get done and as you know, us Virgos are perfectionist. Regarding your brother... I couldn't have any more respect for any other man than I do him. As you probably know, we both battled each other as mortal enemies on most of the fastest tracks around until we got tired of each other. Then Jon joined Team California's Best and the rest is history... Literally. Just ask anyone who knows anything about endurance championships and records. We own many of the best ones. I can think of very few who I trust to race as close door to door as I do Jon so having him sitting in the seat next to me in this very big undertaking and history making race is nothing short of a privilege, one I will cherish for many years to come. No man could ever ask for a finer friend. Thank you for sharing and trusting me with your brother.

PS: If you want to get him an early Christmas present might I suggest boxers. He'll need them after this race.