Saturday, September 08, 2007

13 days left

There are only 13 days left until I can hopefully have Lucky ready to take a few runs at Infineon Raceway. I have priorities of items that are a must, some that I would really like to have ready while some can be taken care of after the test day. Naturally my main concerns are to break the car in, check for leaks, rubs, noises, or any issues that need attention. Every time I build a car that comes out perfect I have to keep asking myself, "How long before the winning streak is broken?" After all, that's exactly what testing is all about... That and anything that can get us onto the track in a race car.

Other than a few nice lines, there is nothing mild mannered about Lucky whatsoever. He should ride like a truck, sound like an explosion, be more than able to deal out G-forces that would kill a Hamster, all the things that any fast well prepared race car can do. It's like Maxwell Smart used to tell Agent 99... "And loving it."

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